About The Owners

Houston Humidity: Charlie joined the league in 2004. He has won 3 times in 32 half seasons.

Houston Kingfishers: Marc is the only original owner still in the league. The other original owners were Gary Baldwin, Chris Biondolillo and Jay Grant. Marc has won 11 times in 49 half seasons.

Lone Star Lakers: Stephanie joined the league in 2009. She blames her Dad's poor advice for the reason she has not won yet.

Mavericks: Greg joined the league in 2009. He blames his Dad's poor advice for the reason he has not won yet.

Minnesota Brewers: Ed joined the league in 1999. He has won 2 times in 42 half seasons.

North Stars: Dave joined the league in 1998. He has won 14 times in 44 half seasons, the most of any owner.

White Mules: Sam joined the league in 2004 by taking over his father's team. Sam has won 6 times in 32 half seasons. His father, Jay, won 6 times in 17 half seasons, the highest winning percentage of any owner.